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How to Use Strapless Dildos

How to Use Strapless Dildos for Ultimate Orgasms in 3 Steps

Spicing up the bedroom with sex toys such as strapless dildos/straps is an excellent way of building intimacy and ensuring wonderful intercourse. But, if you’re new to it, you’re probably wondering, “How the heck do I use a strapless dildo?”  Trust us. We completely get it. They are unique creations that seem appealing and confusing, […]

golden horse

The Truth About Horse Dildos and How to Use Them Safely

If you’ve ever used or are currently using a dildo, you’ll know that size matters, perhaps not for beginners, but for those who have experienced the ecstasy of masturbating with a dildo. A horse Dildo is a type of dildo intended for those who want to take their masturbation game to the next level. It […]

vibrator not working

49 Surprising Reasons Vibrator Not Working | How to Fix It

There are a variety of vibrator models on the market, including G-spot vibrators, wand vibrators, bullet vibrators, dildo vibrators, and so on. These vibrators bring you a sexually blessed life. Sometimes, there will be trouble that has been bothering you, while occasionally exciting to use. Still, the vibrator suddenly does not work, which is very […]


How to Use a Double Ended Dildo? 10 Steps

The double-ended dildo is shaped like a long, smooth, sturdy rubber rod with sculpted heads at each end. The vaginal end is used for anal insertion, and the other is used for both. They can reach lengths of up to 22 inches. In this article, you will learn about the following: How to Use a […]

cat girl

How To Clean A Realistic Dildo? ( 7 Steps )

There are different sex toys, like vibrators, dildos, and anal toys, which people use to relieve themselves when the “need” arises. These sex toys are used for vaginal or anal penetration, meaning they’ll contact your intimate areas and sexual fluids. Once you’ve used them, you should ensure that these sex toys are washed and disinfected […]

beauty girl


Making a homemade inflatable dildo is not an easy task. It just so happens that there is a Youtube blogger who made a video tutorial explaining how to make an inflatable dildo. Let’s see how he made it. Here’s a quick 4-minute guide on how to make your inflatable butt plug. The whole process is […]


18 Ways to Make a Realistic Dildo for Beginners

Have you ever used a temporary dildo, perhaps because sex toys are expensive, hard to hide, or not quite the right size for your current age? There must be many reasons to make your dildo, both to experience the pleasure of a DIY dildo and to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. DIY-made dildos must […]

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