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How to order a dildo?

Go to Mr. Dildo’s shop, select the best dildos you like, add them to the cart, and use a credit card or PayPal to buy your favorite dildo.

Where can I order a dildo?

You can search “Dildo Near Me,” ” Sex Toy Near Me,” “Adult Shop Near Me,” ” Dragon Dildo Near Me,” and “Sex Toy for Women Near Me” on, you will find the nearest store near you.

If you don’t want to go to the store, you can find the dildos in the online shop, Mr.Dildo is the right place for you.

Where to order a dildo?

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You can go to a nearby sex store, some big supermarkets, or ask friends where you can buy. In addition to physical stores, there are some online stores to buy dildos, such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc., can buy dildos, open the site, you can search for “dildos,” can find their favorite dildos.

You can also use Google to search for “dildo,” “dragon dildo,” or “horse dildo,” and then find your favorite online store to buy.

Do amazon workers know when you order a dildo?

Of course, the person you buy from the store knows when you placed the order because he needs to ship it to you. But for the rest of the Amazon employees, if he is not an employee of this store, nor the customer service responsible for front-end operations, and shopping does not have any work interactions, he does not have permission to view the data of the customer orders.

Do dildos ordered from amazon say the company on them?

No, if you buy a dildo from Amazon, then Amazon will send you a box when it ships, and the box will say Amazon and will not indicate the contents of the product, nor will it identify the name of the company owns the product.

Do ups see when I order dildos?

No, UPS will not know when you ordered the dildo. UPS is just a shipping company. USP will only know when the merchant sends the dildo. But the time UPS sends it is not necessarily the time you ordered it.

How do you order a dildo?

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We have several different ways to order.
Order directly from our website,
Send an email to our customer service: [email protected]

How to add cum tube to a bad dragon dildo order?

Our cum tube and bad dragon dildo are not sold separately; if you need a dildo with a cum tube, please purchase a bad dragon dildo with a cum tube function directly at the time of purchase.

How to discreetly order a dildo?

Talk to the merchant before you buy, send an inquiry email and ask if the merchant is discreetly packaged and if the package will be marked with a dildo.

Go to a brick-and-mortar store via cash, and there will be no electronic record of the purchase.
Ask someone to help you pay, such as using a friend’s or a stranger’s credit card.

Register a new Email; this Email is only for the purchase of dildos. Use this Email to register a PayPal, and then find someone to this Paypal funds to ensure sufficient balance. This time to buy dildos, there will not be any information found.
Go to Amazon to buy. Amazon will use a box. The box says “Amazon” but will not write the product’s name.

How to hide a dildo order from your parents?

You can hide it on your bedside table, lock it, and hide the key. Hide it on your bookshelf. Hide it in your coat, or hide it in a vase.

How to order a dildo without your parents knowing?

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When you live with your parents, how to order a dildo. If your parents are more enlightened, you can explain to them that you want a dildo, and you can speak to your mother, who is also a woman and can more easily relate to your feelings.
If your parents are not open-minded, you can keep them out of the loop when ordering.

Use your credit card to order, not your parents’ credit card.

If your parents often check your mail or credit card records, then you need to apply for a new email address that only you know the password to and pay with a friend’s credit card, or apply for a PayPal using the new email address and order using the new Paypal.

When ordering, use Chrome’s incognito mode and don’t leave any Internet history. Or set your browser to clear all your Internet history so that your parents won’t find any records when they check your computer.

Where to order a dildo online?

How to order a dildo without getting caught?

You can search for a few stores that sell dildos and see if they are professional, trustworthy, and have safety signs. If there is no problem, you can place an order and clean up the Internet traces. You can search for “how to clean up the browser Internet traces.” Then no one will find out.

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