Dragon Dildos

What is a dragon dildo?
Dragon Dildo is a toy similar in appearance to the Dragon.
Leading sex toy manufacturer Fleshlight has developed the first-ever Dragon Dildo. Inspired by HBO’s hit series West world, the terrifyingly realistic pleasure object is a replica of Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) dragon eggs from season six.

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Are bad dragon dildos stiff?

bad dragon dildo has different materials. Some are made of soft silicone, which is not very stiff and can be bent into any shape.

Some are very stiff and not easy to bend.

What is firmness in a bad dragon dildo?

It’s somewhat more difficult to compress than Soft firmness but does not bend as much on its own. Some models will still have difficulty standing on their own (due to top-heaviness) but most are more stable than in Soft firmness. Firm (also called “8 firmness”) is the hardest firmness that we have available.

what are the different types of dragon dildos?

We have Bad Dragon Dildo, Huge Dragon Dildo, Black Dragon Dildo, Dragon Dildo With Cum Tube

Are dragon dildos worth it?

Are you wondering Is buying a bad dragon dildo really worth it? Definitely, worth it, Bad Dragon dildos are the best I have ever tried.

Bad Dragon dildos are very popular these days, beginners and advanced love them, they are medium-sized, well-textured, beautifully designed, and come in a variety of different styles. They feel good in your hand and feel amazing inside your body.

Bad Dragon dildos are generally made of high-quality silicone, work well, and can last a long time if properly maintained.

If you want to add a new member to your sex toys, then the Bad Dragon dildo is a great choice that works quietly and gets the job done efficiently.

If you like the textures of the Bad Dragon, then it is a perfect choice. These textures are just like the real thing.

Bad Dragon toys are very smooth, easy to clean, and waterproof.

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Are dragon dildos better than normal dildos?

Different dildos have different effects. Bad Dragon dildo has a unique appearance that is incomparable to the rest of the dildos, its texture and appearance are unique, if you like bad dragon fantasy, then Bad Dragon is the best choice.

Why use a dragon dildo?

The dragon is an ancient symbol of power and strength. This dildo represents this majesty with its impressive size and realistic design. The dragon dildo has a thick shaft, a prominent head, and powerful wings that wrap around the body.

Why do people like bad dragon dildos?

Because fucking yourself with a realistic-looking animal cock (fantasy or otherwise) is too taboo for most people.

If it’s colorful and pretty then we don’t have to face our deviancy head-on.

Each Bad Dragon dildo is hand-poured, using the highest quality, platinum-cured, body-safe silicone made in the USA. Quality is guaranteed.

Why are women attracted to dragon dick dildos?

This may have a lot to do with your inability to control your partner’s speed; men can go too fast or too deep and easily pull their penises out. While you want to take your time and stimulate, men are hungry and thirsty for an end.

But that’s not the case with Dragon dildos. You can put a lot of lube on it and then insert it without any communication and you can control it very well. This is probably why many people would rather masturbate than have sex because you know very well how to make yourself come, so sometimes you just want to come on your own.

But if the model of a dragon dildo is too big and causes pain, you can sit on it and have a good time on your clitoris, whereas a piston penis feels better, especially when it’s this big.

How do bad dragon dildos work?

The bad dragon dildo is just a special shape with a special texture, but it functions exactly the same as an ordinary dildo. You just need to use it as a penis on it, it generally comes with a base that can be sucked in any position, can be in the bedroom, wall, or bathroom, you want to play with it how you can.

How long does a bad dragon dildo take to make?

Bad Dragon dildos are handmade from molds, so they take longer to produce. For a standard Bad Dragon toy, it takes us about 3 days to prepare from the time you place your order. For special customization, with custom colors, and the option of additional ringtones, or vibrations, it will take longer to produce, and the longest may take 10 to 15 business days to complete. We use materials that are safe for the human body, designed by senior designers, and made by senior engineers, and after they are made, they will go through strict quality checks, so our production time will be longer.

How to select a dragon dildo?

Bad Dragon Dildo’s shape and design are different from ordinary dildos, so the choice of size is also different from ordinary dildos. So how do you choose a size?

You can go through trial and error or trial error and then find the size that best suits you.

Dragon dildos generally come in 5 different sizes, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. It has scales, veins, indentations, and ridges around it.

If you have always wanted to know your limit, then we suggest you buy the largest size, apply lube when using it and insert it slowly, this is the time to experience the limit. Or follow the size chart we provide, test the size yourself using your fingers, buy a test size and then buy a Dildo model larger than the current one.

How to use dragon dildos?

You can use Dragon Dildos using role-playing and solo play. One example is the monster and maid role-play. You will be a fairy tale made with braided hair and a long dress, while your partner can be a villain with a monster cock aka a dragon dildo. He will tie your hands and feet as you lie on the bed begging for mercy. He will then insert the huge dildo into you, leaving you with nothing but moans of delight.

You can also use the dragon dildo for other role-playing ideas. For example, your partner could be a mystery man here who always makes you wonder about his whereabouts. One day he kidnaps you and takes you to his strange place as a hostage to enjoy a dragon session with you.

When you fly solo, you can also enjoy dragon masturbation. To make things more interesting, try dressing up as a queen and then fully explore your dildo.

How to insert a bad dragon dildo?

Using Lubrication.

Once again, dragon dildos are huge and can be really painful if pushed hard. The trick here is to make the entrance and the toy as slippery as possible so that you can insert it smoothly. And for that, the most important thing you need is a good quality lubricant.

You have to put a lot of lube on both the toy and your vagina/anus. If you are using the dildo with your partner, tell him to apply lube. If you are playing alone, you can make use of the lubricant applicators that are now available. Also, make sure that the lubricant you use is compatible with the material of the toy. Water-based lubricants are well compatible with all types of materials. However, if you plan to use a dildo in the shower, do not use a water-based lubricant.

Getting into shape

You can’t just take the dildo out of the package and immediately insert it inside you. You must first get into the right mood to make the session more enjoyable. If you’re with a partner, enthusiastic foreplay will set the perfect prelude to sensual dragon dildo play. If you are alone, you can watch pornography or read some erotic novels to set the right mood.

How to use a bad dragon strapon dildo?

For use with a strap-on
Dragon dildos can be used with a strap-on for hands-free dildo play. This is especially great for stand-up sex. You can stand against the wall while your partner can penetrate you from the front. Since both of your hands are free, you can give each other a nice massage while you enjoy your bottom.

How use a bad dragon dildo for anal?

Dragon dildos are also good for anal sex. But for that, your anus must be equipped to be inserted by a large dildo. You can attach the dragon dildo to any position, such as on the glass, on the wall, in the bathtub, and then it can be slowly inserted into the ass.

Are condoms safe with bad dragon dildos?

Just find condoms that are based on water lubrication. For example, the Okamoto Beyond Seven ALOE condom is actually available on BD’s website (and Amazon).
The rule of thumb is that if a condom doesn’t advertise that it’s water-lubricated, it’s silicon. Water-based lube won’t hurt the toy at all. A bit of silicone-based lube will, but it’s not instant. When I use a silicone-based condom, once I’m done, I go and clean it. With the water-based ones, I can wash them in the morning. If you’re not sure, wash it after use.

Can a woman actually fit a whole dragon dildo inside?

Well, she can certainly try! There’s no limit on what your imagination can do.

There are large and small bad dragon toys, and for the medium-sized Dragon Dildo, a woman can fully insert the bad dragon toy inside the body.

Can a bad dragon dildo fit in a harness?

Interchangeable O-ring straps – Here is the key to ensuring comfort because those bad dragon toys are heavier. Tiny straps can sink into your skin and can affect your experience.

You can buy large O-rings or standard O-rings at all sex toy stores, but dead standard O-rings are usually dead ready for standard size dildos, for big bad dragon toys, you need a large O-ring.

Holes restricted to a specific size are very important for using bondage straps to die.

If you want to use a large bad dragon toy with your bondage straps, then the front of the straps needs to have a clip for the O-ring and nothing else.

You will need to purchase a proper O-ring so you can fit the bad dragon dildo in the harness.

Where to buy bad dragon dildos

Bad Dragon fake toys there are many places to sell, we are one of the official websites, or you can also go to Amazon Mall to see.

How to properly clean a bad dragon dildo

The easiest way is to use hot water to rinse it thoroughly, then use a little soap, followed by rinsing it off with hot water and patting it dry with a hand towel. Then put the bad dragon dildo in the toy closet on a special towel. The bad dragon dildo should be free to breathe fresh air and not put in a sealed container.

There is no need to use toy cleaners; there are antibacterial cleaners that may encourage bacterial resistance and lead to bacterial growth.

How to deodorize a bad dragon dildo?

If you buy a bad dragon dildo with a bad smell, then you can buy a toy cleaner, which can go out the odor emanating from the toy itself.

Dragon Dildo FAQs

Do you have a lot of questions about dragon dildos?

Dragon Stroy

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: The European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, is a large, fire-breathing, wingless creature with a long neck and tail (although depictions of European dragons vary across times and regions). The Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea, and other East Asian countries, utilizes ancient but more naturalistic qualities such as an animal’s physical prowess combined with magical powers and high intelligence.

Dragons are fierce and terrible dragons, who breathe fire; but the Chinese dragons are intelligent and wise, possessing magical powers. And while they do not breathe fire, they do have an impressive array of other skills. Dragons are creatures of magic and legend; icons of power, knowledge, and wisdom.