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We have different glass dildos. Some of them are very popular, such as Glass double-ended dildos, Glass G-spot dildos, Realistic glass dildos, Glass anal dildos.

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What is a Glass Dildo?

A glass dildo is usually translucent or transparent. Using glass to make a dildo, most of them are white, but there are also colorful. It is not only excellent and shiny but also attractive to the eye. But people are attracted by the glittering sensation when they talk about it. Using it allows for some fun and exciting games. Glass is a fantastic chemical material that is great for sex toys. It is very easy to clean and can quickly heat or cool down to experience different temperatures during sex.

Almost all shapes of dildos you see in the field of silicone dildos we can find in the glass dildos. But glass is different. The material is fundamentally different. Glass is transparent and shiny. It is not just a sex toy. You can use it as a decorative piece when you do not use it. And because of the nature of glass, it is relatively complex and can not be bent at will, so for some ladies, the hardness is also one of the reasons they choose the glass dildo.

Size of the glass dildo

For some people, the size of the glass dildo is very important, because the length of the scope determines the length of insertion. Maybe the size is not critical for some people, but for a newcomer, or very important.

If you are using a glass dildo for the first time, starting with the most miniature model is recommended. The general size of the dildo is around 5 to 8 inches, 5 inches belongs to the small side, and about 6 to 7 inches is the popular size, which can be used to play anal or vaginal games. But some veterans also do not like to use the large size to play anal games or will choose the small size of the glass dildo.

Some girls have longer vaginas and larger anuses. They will pursue larger sizes to experience that feeling of being filled, and this time dildos of 8 inches or more are their favorites, and there are even dildos of 9 inches and 10 inches. For extra large dildos, generally speaking, the width of the various parts of the bottom and shaft is different. The larger the dildo, the wider the bottom, so as to be more stable, the wide can be about 2 inches.

Is the glass dildo safe?

The better glass dildos generally contain the ingredients of Pyrex glass or high borosilicate glass or all made with such components. This glass is safer and more potent than ordinary glass.

Pyrex glass is a class of borosilicate hard glass with high silica content. The main chemical composition: 78% silica, 11.5% boron trioxide 13.5, 2.0% alumina 3.0%, 3.6% sodium oxide 5.2. density 2.2-2.25g, low coefficient of thermal expansion, mechanical strength, high softening point, and strong acid resistance.

High borosilicate glass has strong fire resistance, strong physical strength, no toxic side effects compared with ordinary glass, water resistance, alkali resistance, thermal stability performance, acid resistance, and other properties greatly improved.

Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields such as aerospace, chemical industry, family, military, hospital, etc. It can be made into various products such as tableware, lamps, lanterns, marking plates, washing machine observation holes, telescope lenses, solar water heaters, microwave oven plates, etc. So make a glass dildo. It can be cooled or heated quickly without the risk of breaking.

As long as you do not drop the glass dildo to the whisper, there is generally no risk. If you drop it on a hard floor, please check if there are cracks. Please stop using it if there are cracks. Dropping it on the carpet is generally not a risk.

How to clean the glass dildo?

Glass dildos are non-porous materials and are inherently very clean.

It can be rinsed with water or inflated with soap. If you use soap to rinse, rinse it off with water after using soap.

You can also put it into the dishwasher to wash it directly. If you use the dishwasher to clean it, please pay attention to how you place it, do not place it with the rest of the knives and forks. Try to put it in a separate location, and do not interact with the rest of the tableware.

It is recommended to clean the glass dildo before and after use and put it in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning.

How to use the glass dildo?

  1. Take a hot shower, put on soothing music, and let yourself relax.
  2. Prepare a little red wine, not more, a small amount of red wine is good for improving sexual desire, but too much later, it is easy to lose desire.
  3. Find a step pornographic video, and slowly start to enjoy it.
  4. Remember to clean the glass dildo in advance. It is best to clean it again before use for body safety.
  5. You can heat or freeze in advance if you want to do temperature games. It only takes a few minutes to heat or freeze.
  6. Prepare the lubricant in advance and apply it to the glass dildo.