Suction Cup Dildos

If you want to free your hands during sex as if you were having sex with a man, then you need to have a suction cup dildo that can be sucked on any smooth flat surface, in almost any position you want.

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Suction cup dildos can suck on the floor. They can suck on glass, can suck on walls, can suck in the bathtub, and can even suck on your arms.

The suction cup dildo hands-free is perfect for intimate solitude or couples’ play. Using the suction cup feature, you can insert it without any hassle, as if you were having sex with a natural penis, without using both hands to hold it, just by twisting your ass back and forth to complete the thrusting action.

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The suction cup dildo outperforms the rest of the dildos most of the time because it’s hands-free, brings so many benefits, and can be quickly introduced into the bedroom.

The suction cup design is fantastic, and a small suction cup at the bottom changes the game and makes it a multifunctional product. It provides the convenience of unlocking more positions and is perfect for any situation.

The flexible and versatile realistic dildo comes in different sizes and colors to meet the needs of most customers. You can stick it in any room, bathtub, chair, wall, furniture, floor, or glass. Hands are free, and both hands are free to stroke any sensitive area until the arrival of orgasm.

You can ride your suction cup dildo while using your fingers to stroke the P-spot. You can have more possibilities to titillate your soft spot. You can reach the correct position by swinging your body.

Suction cup dildos also have another significant benefit: they are generally sealed, easy to clean, risk-free, and safe for your body.

How to get the most pleasure?

First, you need to get an optimal suction cup dildo. It can assist you in reaching orgasm from lifelike realistic dildos to western-length anal suction dildos, curved silicone suction dildos, monster suction dildos, and double-headed dildos. Choose from one of these dildos that suits you now and ride it, slowly inserting it and slowly stroking the rest of your sensitive areas.

Advantages of using a suction cup dildo?

One of the significant advantages of the suction cup dildo design is that you can improvise, imagine any position for sex, and adjust any level of comfort and rhythm. And will not make the hands feel nervous because if you use ordinary dildos after holding hands for too long, it may cause numbness in the hands or numbness and soreness in the arms. In turn, it affects their sexual desire.

But the suction cup dildo will not lose energy and will not make your hands feel strained. It will make you more energetic and excited to try various positions and enjoy the pleasure of orgasm.

If you are the first to contact the suction cup dildo, please do not feel strange. You do not need to worry that your weight will affect your sex because most suction cup dildos are silicone and bendable, so you can pull out and continue to use them even if they are bent.

In the beginning, it is recommended to suck the suction cup dildo on the wall so that you can draw against it and hold the wall with your hand so that the problem of imbalance will not occur. Or, suck the suction cup dildo on the ground so that even if it falls to the ground, there is no danger, and after you put it on the basis, you only need to squat, or your school can use it, and it does not take much effort.

There is also a more exciting way to play, which is pasted on the mirror, so you can see yourself having sex with the shadow. You can clean to see the picture of pumping the dildo, bringing greater psychological stimulation.

Regardless of when and where to use it, pay attention to observing the changes in their body, and then gradually find the best orgasmic position.

For same-sex use of suction cup dildos, you can use a strap-on to tie it to your waist, and then one side can pump the other.

Some people like to masturbate in the shower, so this is the time to use the suction cup dildo by sucking it on the tub or wall. All you need to do is move your pelvis forward and slowly insert it. As long as you want, not only the wall, even the edge of the bathtub can be used. You can ride the dildo like a bathtub.

Pick a good quality suction cup dildo.

Even if you already have a collection of good quality vibrating dildos and realistic dildos, you still need a group of reasonable quality suction cup dildos. Why?

Because a good suction cup dildo can make you mention the ultimate orgasm, its hands-free nature, for example, easily surpasses all the rest of the dildos.

A suction cup dildo for masturbation will also surpass ordinary dildos in curves, shape, and sensation. Whether you use it alone or with a partner, a quality suction cup dildo is essential.

How to buy a suction cup dildo?

A quality suction cup dildo requires considering different factors, such as material, appearance, texture, size, etc.

Material and texture are essential.

A suction cup dildo can be sucked on the wall and not fall off or bend because of the complex and soft materials. This allows it to achieve its shape and also does not cause harm to the body.

The texture of each dildo may be different, and the design of the appearance will also be different. Smooth textures are easy to insert, while surfaces with ripples enhance the stimulation of the vaginal walls. The realistic vein design evokes desire psychologically and brings a more natural sensation to the body, making your orgasm more intense.

Suction cup dildos used in the shower are made using hypoallergenic materials, including jelly, metal, silicone, glass, rubber, and more. Different materials have different effects, and combining the individual materials gives you the best experience.

PVC material

PVC is one of the widespread materials. It is the primary material for suction cup dildos. It has solid qualities and a very smooth surface which is very good for insertion.

TPE material

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer characterized by a soft exterior but a hard interior core. TPE is a porous material, so care needs to be taken to wash it after each use and then put it in a clean bag.

Silicone material

Silicone is very common in sex toys, it is non-porous, so it is easy to clean and does not breed bacteria quickly. Many suction cup dildos are made of silicone, which is good for the skin.

Suction ability

Suction ability is a big difference between suction cup dildos and the rest of the dildos, so choosing a suction cup dildo with strong suction, not just how strong its shaft is, is essential.

Additional features

The traditional suction cup dildo is very common, but with the development of technology, there are some new features, such as vibration and remote control functions. These features will also be very effective for the improvement of sex.

Easy to clean

Every sex toy needs to be cleaned after use, so easy to clean also a factor in choosing to avoid breeding bacteria. So try to select non-porous materials.

Realistic dildos

A good number of suction cup dildos are realistic, with real curves, contorted positions, and natural flesh color. In addition to simulating the human penis, some realistic dildos of animal penises, including their foreskin, blood vessels, and testicles, are all simulated lifelike.

Many realistic dildos meet the fantasies of all kinds of people. To achieve the effect that can not be achieved in real life, you can use any realistic dildo you like to insert into their bodies.

But be sure to pay attention to the size. Some animal dildos are enormous, such as bad dragon dildos, monster dildos, etc… Their size is vast, and a little inattention will hurt their bodies.

How to keep the suction cup dildo?

Keeping it clean is essential to keep the dildo in a safe and hygienic place, away from allergens, dust, heat, and exposure to the sun, humidity, and cold environments.

It needs to be cleaned before each use and also after use. Then put it in a loose place, do not squeeze it, take it out smoothly when you use it and do not tear it with too much force. Too much power is easy to pull it, also wash it gently after use, dry it slowly, and then keep the structural integrity.

When you save the suction cup dildo, ensure that its suction cups are not pressed or rubbed by the rest of the material. Otherwise, it may be easy to wear the suction cups. Suction cups a straightforward to damage parts because it is more fragile than the shaft of the dildo. It needs good malleability and is relatively soft.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most significant advantage is the suction cup, which is available to free your hands for use in the shower and on the wall. For those who want to try different positions, it is very suitable.

But because of the existence of suction cups, the size will generally be more significant, not small enough, and not beautiful enough.