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Are you looking for the best inflatable dildos? This is the heaven of inflatable dildos. Inflatable dildos not only act as general dildos, such as masturbation, for various vaginal and anal games, but also have special uses, and can be used for vaginal training, as well as for various stretching activities. And it also has great use for those who are not comfortable with pumping sex, the inflatable dildo is a boon.

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What is an inflatable dildo?

As the name implies, an inflatable dildo is a dildo that can be inflated and made larger or smaller during use. You can adjust the dildo according to your own proportions so that after the dildo is inserted into the right position, you can start the air pump, there are electric air pumps, and manual air pumps, you can control the amount of air pump filling it, so you can control the expansion factor of the dildo, expansion can control the pleasure.

So no matter how big your sex drive is and how you want to control your partner, then an inflatable dildo is a very suitable toy. Can you imagine during sex, it can still get bigger? Can you experience that feeling of being filled? Can you imagine that the penis can be infinitely larger and thicker? No, but an inflatable dildo can do just that.

The inflatable dildo is one of the most popular sex toys, it allows you to have sex in bed only, it is a creative invention because ordinary penises or dildos are fixed and do not expand infinitely or get thicker dynamically, but the inflatable dildo can use an air pump to control the thickness of the shaft and can reach any size you want, filling your vagina or anus.

Different kinds of inflatable dildos

Although all inflatable dildos can be inflated to make them bigger, there are different types of inflatable dildos, just like regular dildos.

Hand-held inflatable dildos, the hand-held style requires your partner to hold it, or you hold it in your own hand and can’t hold it down, your partner has to squeeze the air pump to fill the dildo with gas, and when it’s not full of gas, you can insert the dildo into the anus or vagina and slowly start inflating it.

Suction cup style inflatable dildo, this usually comes with a suction cup that can be sucked on the table, on the wall, on the glass, or in the bathroom, so there is no need to use the hand-held inside, it is a hands-free experience, so women can use different angles to play with it, to satisfy themselves, just twist their bodies, freeing up their hands.

Vibrating style of an inflatable dildo, this type of fake dildo is with vibration function, not only can be inflatable, but also can vibrate, in the vibration at the same time, and experience the feeling of inflatable, a dildo brings two different experiences.

The size of the inflatable dildo

Inflatable dildos are generally between 5 and 8 inches, there are also large dildos of 11 inches or more.

Because of their own inflatable characteristics, such dildos have the characteristics of stretching, a 5-inch dildo inflated may be able to reach 7 inches. But for a beginner, we recommend starting with a small inflatable dildo to experience, do not start with the super large, which can easily hurt you.

Buy a small inflatable dildo first and slowly get used to this kind of dildo, experience how it feels in the anus or in the vagina, experience how it feels after inflation and whether it is the right size. Feel the difference between a regular dildo and an inflatable dildo.

Although an inflatable dildo may look small at first, once it is inflated, it can become very large because it can expand and keep inflating when you start thrusting, and the more you trust, the more you can experience the sensation of being filled.

In addition to the length also need to consider the circumference, the circumference may reach 3 to 5 inches, some even 6 inches or more, must ensure that the circumference is in a suitable range, and does not hurt the body, in order to ensure that you can choose a suitable product for you, you can experiment with a small dildo, or by reading reviews to gain experience.

Choose the right material

If you want to use an inflatable dildo safely, then you need to care about the material of the inflatable dildo, different materials will bring different experiences and different safety aspects.

Silicone material: most silicone is no holes, easy to clean, and the material itself is smooth and easy to insert.
PVC material: This type of material is also soft, easy to clean, and the penetration is smooth.
Latex: latex is also a material often used as a dildo, is market-proven, safe, and reliable, but some people may be allergic to latex, so this will require some attention, if you are allergic to latex, you can choose the rest of the material.

How to use the inflatable dildo?

First of all, you need to clarify the inflatable dildo, if it is the first time to use, you need to disinfect the use, the second time to use, just use water to rinse it can be used.

Before using the dildo relax, take a hot bath, and spread the room with flower petals and fragrance.

Play a piece of beautiful music, and partner quietly lying down to listen to the beauty of the music.

Prepare the lubricant, the lubricant is the dildo flirt, you can apply some on their anus or vagina, and then the dildo also applies some, so that when inserted, it will be very smooth.

Then take the inflatable dildo out of the locker, and after flirting with your partner, slowly insert the dildo, insert it while you can slowly inflate it, or slowly inflate it while thrusting.

When you experience the sensation of inflation, you can stop inflating, and if you feel that the gas has expanded to too large, you can release the switch and slowly deflate.

As the size of the dildo increases, you should experience the feeling of being filled.

After use, use water to inflate and put it in a dry and ventilated place to dry.