Huge Dildos

The dildo is already a very famous sex toy, but the quest for dildos is never-ending, and there is always a vast market for more enormous dildos. Women always like buying more giant dildos to challenge themselves and satisfy their desires.

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Although huge dildos may not be for everyone, they are indeed what everyone dreams of. Imagine how exciting it is to fall asleep in the comfort of your bed with a giant dildo in your arms.

What is a huge dildo?

A huge dildo is longer, more extensive, more comprehensive, and has a larger waistline than a regular dildo. The average dildo is around 7 inches, while a giant dildo can go up to 20 inches.

It can bring better stimulation, whether inserting into the vagina or massaging the vulva. After insertion, you can enjoy the inspiration of being filled, absolutely 100% filled, which is not possible with a regular dildo.

Materials of huge dildos

Silicone: This is the most common material. Soft, safe, non-toxic, has no adverse reaction to skin contact and has a certain degree of hardness, so the dildo is made out of elastic.

Metal: The texture of metal gives you an unusual experience, it is stiff and heavy, but because of this texture, sense makes you feel particularly full as if the partner’s penis kind of heavy pressure on you.

Glass: transparent and smooth characteristics, manufactured into a dildo after an excellent sex appeal, see it will make you drool and surge inside. Generally, boric acid glass material, good pressure resistance, will not be broken in the body because of the movement’s refusal.

Different types of huge dildos

Huge handmade dildos: These dildos are handmade or custom made, from about 8 to 15 inches, and can have their custom colors and textures. You can customize your dream green man giant dildo to satisfy sexual fantasies. These dildos are usually soft silicone and can be bent to your preferred angle.

Large silicone dildos: The giant silicone dildos range from about 8 to 12 inches, which is a little smaller than the enormous dildos but also satisfies the needs of a large percentage of women. In addition to the vast dildos that stimulate the vagina, some dildos stimulate the anus and are a little shorter, generally around 7 inches with a 3-inch waistline. Using a large anal dildo allows for better prostate stimulation and brings about a prostate orgasm. Anal pleasure is not the same as penile pleasure, and anal pleasure may last a little longer.

Monster dildos: In addition to dragon dildos and horse dildos thought, there are some monster dildos, which are not real-world animal models, but images of monsters in people’s minds, which can fully satisfy people’s sexual fantasies about monsters. They will generally be more than 15 inches in length, more than 3 inches in width, and more than 4 inches in the chassis. It has a different monster shape, different colors, and different sizes, and the silicone material is more common.

Giant metal dildos: huge dildos can also use metal. Metal can be manufactured smoothly. Stainless steel has a corrosion-resistant effect, can be put into the dishwasher to clean, has the highest hardness, is not easy to break, and can play any action without worrying it will fail. You can enjoy more profound, brutal penetration and use its smooth end to stimulate your most sensitive parts.

Realistic huge dildos: These dildos look like a natural penis from a distance but are much longer than a natural penis. It has a more extended size, wider waist, and larger suction cups. Some will also come with two balls, which do not move compared to a man’s balls.

You can use it to try the experience that your boyfriend could not give you before. You can ride it and enjoy the feeling of being conquered by you. Its material, shape, and texture are like the real thing; some have realistic veins that play lifelike.

Huge anal dildo: compared to the ordinary anal dildo, it has a larger size, so beginners are not recommend ed to buy this dildo. If you must buy, you must remember to apply a suitable lubricant before use to avoid anal fissures.

Tips for using a huge dildo

Deep penetration: If you can’t experience the feeling of being filled while playing with a regular dildo, then a giant dildo will be your next option. It can cover your entire vagina and deliver enhanced stimulation. If you are using a massive dildo with textures, the experience will be even more exciting, and you will feel these textures rubbing your vaginal walls like your boyfriend’s veins are rubbing you.

Shallow strokes: Most nerve endings that enjoy stimulation are located in the front part of the vaginal opening, so short and external motivation can also work wonders. It doesn’t have to be all the way in to bring on an orgasm. Next, try short, shallow strokes, like stopping after only 5 inches of penetration.

Rocking from side to side: Who says stimulation has to be up and down? You can also rock it from side to side. The textured giant dildo will constantly stimulate the vaginal walls as you sway it from side to side, putting pressure on the vaginal walls and making it a different experience from thrusting. For the double-headed giant dildo, you can also choose to insert one end into the vagina and one into the anus to enjoy double stimulation.

Rotating stimulation: You can watch the rotating play, up and down thrusting, and left and right shaking. For the smooth giant dildo, the rotation may not feel too much, but for the dildo with spikes or with texture, when rotating, a moment to press the vaginal wall, a moment to release the pressure, this kind of moment with a moment without the feeling, very comfortable.

Stimulate the G-spot: the massive vaginal wall can fill the whole vaginal wall. If you don’t locate the G-spot, you may be unable to stimulate it effectively. Push upwards to reach the front wall, where the G-spot might be, and then use the vast dildo to keep producing it, up and down, left and right, if you can make sounds more conducive to releasing your desire.

Keep the feeling: when enjoying sex, do not imagine the rest. Treat your partner as your Prince Charming, and then keep massaging the vulva, massage the clitoris, keep the feeling, or watch some small pornographic movies, so that the room is filled with the sound of lovemaking.

Stay comfortable: take a hot shower before making love, and if you use glass or metal dildos, especially in winter when they are more relaxed, heat them for a while before using them to reach about body temperature before inserting them. If it’s like enjoying a cold feeling, then you can freeze the dildo in the freezer for a while, and then after you take it out, it’s cold and chilly. But don’t let the temperature get too low, as the clitoris may not stay aroused if the temperature is too low. Then you can put a massive dildo on your nipples, breasts, etc., to recharge yourself.

Anal sex: If you have tried all the traditional parts and want a different kind of stimulating experience, you can try anal sex. The stimulation of the prostate is extra from the motivation of the G-spot. However, before trying anal sex, you need to clean your toy, clean your anus, and then lubricate the toy and lubricate the anus.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The vast dildo is enormous and offers women more impossibilities to push their limits, take greater pleasure, and enjoy the feeling of being filled.

Cons: Because it is so big, it may still be too big for some of them to fit well.