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Anal dildos are an exciting way to explore anal play, whether with or without a partner.

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Most of us have experienced the pleasure of sex. It will excite people, and the moment of orgasm will be delightful. But the traditional way of sex, if used more than once, you want to try some new ways of sex, some a little weird but exciting sex, such as anal sex or anal games. Anal sex opens up a new world for everyone, this way of making love that You can do alone or with a partner, so having an anal masturbator is an urgent need.

When you decide to break free from moral constraints and experience a new sexual life, an anal dildo is an option that cannot be left out. The anal area has thousands of sensual nerve endings around it, and with the addition of lubricant, it can bring unexpected pleasure. Even though everybody is different, various anal dildos are now designed to meet other people’s needs.

What is an anal dildo?

Anal dildos are dildos that act on the anus and have different designs and colors. Some are like real penises, some are like animal penises, such as bad dragon anal dildos and monster anal dildos, and some are non-realistic dildos.

Anal dildos are usually smaller than the average dildo because they may cause damage to the intestines if they go too far into the anus. Since the scale of anal stretching is not as good as the scale of the vagina, it is also inappropriate to use a dildo that is too thick, as it may cause anal fissures if it is too thick.

Using a realistic dildo may bring the best stimulation because it has a curvature that can stimulate the prostate well, and the practical design tends to awaken the desire.

What is the difference between an anal dildo and other vibrators and dildos?

Generally speaking, anal dildos are smaller, and dildos for vaginal use are much more significant. Anal dildos then have a base horn texture that ensures comfortable and safe insertion.

Vibrators are generally used in vaginal dildos and less in anal dildos because of the small size of the anal dildo itself, so the range of vibration is small and can be designed to be empty and small. Not as much space as a G-spot dildo can play.

But You can use some dildos both vaginally and anally, and these dildos are generally smaller.

Factors to consider when buying an anal dildo

First, prepare yourself psychologically and physically, and then pay attention to the following tips.

  • First, you should get the correct information. If you gather the wrong information, then it may be misleading. Read more articles about anal dildos and user reviews to learn about the material, size, quality, price, and other information about the rush dildo.
  • Then, after the purchase, the first time you use it, you can try to use it yourself first, find the right feeling, and then use it with your partner, because the first time no experience, the faulty operation of your partner may make you feel very painful.
  • Before using, you must pay attention to hygiene. First, clean the anus, and clean the anal dildo. You can use a particular sex toy cleaning solution or soap to clean.
  • Prepare the anal dildo material for the lubricating fluid because the anus does not have a lubrication function. So, before using the anal dildo, you must lubricate yourself so that when inserted or pulled out can prevent anal injury. The lubricating fluid can also help the dildo to better stimulate the prostate.

Professional evaluation of options

Our sexologists evaluate every anal dildo we sell. In doing so, we consider these factors: first, to ensure that the material is safe for the body, hypoallergenic, ergonomically shaped, appropriately sized, durable, and affordable.

Many consumer comments were also considered, and new designs were made and modified based on the words. Ultimately, we can meet the individual needs of each customer.

Do you know about anal dildos?

Anal dildos are as popular as vaginal dildos. The difference between the two is mainly in shape and design. There are anal dildos for women and anal dildos for men. There are short ones, long ones, and extra long ones. Generally speaking, the head of the anal dildo will be rounder and the base wider so that the whole anal dildo does not slip into the anus. Some anal dildos have a hole that can be tied to a string so that even if the anal dildo slips in, it does not matter and can be pulled out with the series.

Since the anus itself has no lubrication and is tighter than the vagina, you generally need sex lube when using it, smear the lube onto the dildo and insert it slowly. This way, there is no pain sensation, and the pull-out is smoother.

Different types of design

Classic styles

The traditional anal dildo is similar to the vaginal dildo, except that the base is more expansive, the head is more rounded, and there is a shaft in the middle, the length of which depends on the different designs long and short. Such dildos can be used as both male and female anal dildos and are generally designed to look like a penis, using materials similar to real skin.

Realistic anal dildos

Realistic anal dildos are designed to resemble a real penis, from the material to the appearance of similar material is similar to skin, soft and delicate, the appearance of realistic blood vessels, and the texture of the penis. This type of masturbator is a favorite choice for personal fantasy.

Vibrating anal dildos

Vibrating anal dildos are just like the standard vibrating vaginal dildos, generally installed with a motor inside the dildo, which is driven by electricity, and the motor turns, which in turn causes the vibration of the dildo. You can use vibrating anal dildos for more giant dildos and smaller-sized anal plugs.

Anal beads

Anal beads are usually made of four or five beads connected by a shaft in the middle. The shape of the beads and the size of the beads are different, and some are even more than a dozen beads. It is very different from the traditional dildo and is very popular.

Anal plugs

This is a small sex toy. The bottom is generally horn-shaped, the head is more pointed, and the middle is oval-shaped, smaller in size, and can be completely inserted into the anus, but the bottom has a plug and not so much as to slide the entire dildo into the anus. Anal plugs are also available in vibrating, inflatable styles.

Ejaculation-type anal dildos

These dildos have a hidden tank that can fill with liquid, such as injected milk. Then there is an external airbag, but when the air pressure airbag, the liquid in the tank will be ejected from the head of the dildo. When you climax, you can squeeze the air sac and squirt the juice to create a realistic sexual experience.

Suction cup anal dildos

The so-called suction cup type is the bottom with a suction cup that can be attached to any flat object, such as adsorption on the bathroom wall, glass, table, floor, etc., so that you can free your hands, only under the body twisting to achieve the desired effect. This type is available in different styles, colors, sizes, etc.

Different shapes

Straight: like a straight line, this is a classic shape, it is often made of hard materials such as ABS plastic because it requires a certain degree of hardness, so the material is different.

Curved: A curved anal dildo is like a real penis, with the natural curve of a penis, so you can experience a more realistic sense of penetration.

The unique shape of the prostate: This type of anal dildo will have different curves or cuts in the head that are not smooth enough. This is designed to cater to the position of the prostate for better stimulation of the prostate.

Multi-layered design: The beaded type would be a multi-layered design consisting of different beads strung together. The beads may be tiny to large or always the same size.

Plug shape: Smaller in size with a pointed top and a more comprehensive flat plug at the bottom.

Material of the anal dildo

Anal dildos are like regular dildos with different materials.

Silicone: elastic, harmless to the body, non-porous, not prone to bacteria, hypoallergenic properties, easy to clean. It is an ideal material for sex toys and will be softer when used on anal dildos.

Metal: Metal is also a material with hypoallergenic properties that is safe for the skin and easy to clean compared to any remaining materials. But the metal material resulting in it is not flexible enough, so the shape is not as much as the rest of the materials have to choose from.

Glass: Glass masturbator is not flexible, but it is non-porous, easy to clean, safe to use, and has a beautiful appearance, one of the necessary materials for almost everyone.

Latex: A general term for the colloidal emulsion formed by polymer particles dispersed in water. The water dispersion system of rubber particles is often referred to as latex, similar to silicone, and is an ideal material as long as you are not allergic to it.

Double-density cyber-skin: This is a material that resembles the skin of a natural penis and reacts to prolonged friction with temperature, so it is the material of choice for realistic anal masturbators.

Jelly and rubber: Jelly is a softened rubber material that is also a suitable choice for masturbators as long as it does not contain phthalates. Rubber is a porous material and therefore prone to bacterial growth and needs to be properly cleaned and preserved before You can use it.

How to choose the size?

Anal dildos are generally 5 to 7 inches, with longer dildos having about 8 to 12 inches. Any dildo over 12 inches is known as an extra-large size anal masturbator. For a beginner, choosing a smaller model of the anal masturbator is advisable when using it for the first time.

How do I use an anal dildo properly?

No matter what type of anal dildo you use, you need to have patience; first, you need to relax and then take your time, don’t rush. Keep your muscles relaxed so that it is easy to insert. Before inserting, apply a lot of lubricant to the dildo because the anus is different from the vagina and cannot self-lubricate even in a state of arousal, so you need to use the aid of a lubricant. Lubricant is also applied around the anus to not harm the skin around the anus.

The choice of lubricant can be based on the material of the dildo. For example, You can use a silicone-based oil for Double-density cyber-skin. For metal or glass dildos, You can use any lubricant.

It is also necessary to pay attention to anal cleanliness. Before having anal sex, the anus needs to be cleaned; otherwise, You will contaminate the area around the anus with feces if it remains. You also need to wash well before using a new dildo.

How do I keep my anal dildo?

You should clean the anal dildo before and after use, sterilize it, and then put it back in the box. Different materials have different cleaning methods. For metal or glass dildos, you can use water or soap to clean them or use ordinary disinfectant to disinfect them and then rinse them off with water.

For jelly, plastic, and rubber dildos, special attention must be paid to regular disinfection, mild soap or warm water to clean, and then naturally dry after they are put into the box.