Horse Dildos

If you’ve ever used a dildo, you know that size is significant. If you are a first-time user, you may not experience it, but those who use dildos often experience orgasms and are very concerned. The horse dildo is a unique dildo that is so large that it can further satisfy people’s requirements for size. The size has become more extensive, and the shape has changed, just like a horse’s penis, fulfilling people’s fantasies about horses.

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What is a horse dildo?

A horse dildo is a dildo that looks similar to a horse’s penis, is made with silicone, and is very large with an outward-facing head. The larger size makes it not too easy to insert, so one needs the aid of lube, but it can go deeper and fill you up more quickly.

How to choose a horse dildo?

How to choose a horse dildo depends on your own body and the fantasies you have in mind. After all, every person’s body type and vagina size are different, so the choice of size will also be other. There are various horse dildos on the market, all with their characteristics, with a variety of textures, sizes, materials, etc. With a little study, you can choose the horse dildo you are satisfied with.

However, there are still some considerations before choosing a suitable horse penis. Just like selecting any sex toy, we need to make sure that the manufacturer of the horse dildo is reputable, is regular, has no negative reviews, and has good customer ratings. Focusing on quality is always our aim, no matter how good and expensive it is when it does not necessarily have good quality.

If we buy online, we can consult customer service and send emails to customer service. The response rate of emails is also a channel to observe whether the company is reliable.

Different types have different effects, and two of them are very popular.

Squirting horse dildo: This kind of dildo is based on the dildo, adding the function of squirting water. When masturbating, it can touch the water, just like a man is ejaculating, which allows you to experience the feeling of being ejaculated. The amount of water handled can be decided by yourself if you want to continuously experience the feeling of ejaculation. It can also be filled with semen-like liquid, making it easier to experience the natural feel of ejaculation.

Non-touching water horse dildo: This is a typical horse dildo that does not have a touching water function, just like the rest of the dildos, except that its design, appearance, and size are made following the horse’s penis. It will be bigger, broader and more expensive.

Factors to consider when buying

Material: It is essential to choose safe materials so that they will not lead to contracting any diseases when you use them. First of all, it needs to know that the material is safe for the body, and this can be obtained by reading the product manual or the description on the online website and also through customer reviews.

The famous horse dildos are usually made using silicone, metal, glass, rubber, etc. Different materials have different experiences. For example, metal is very textured, glass is transparent, and silicone is soft. All materials are considered safe, and we suggest that you can start with silicone, which is more delicate and does not strongly stimulate the body.

Size: Horse dildos come in sizes, from small, medium, and large. At first, it is recommended to choose a small one, and when you are familiar with it, you can choose a larger one. The available size is from 7 to 19 inches or so. The average is about 10 inches.

Depending on your experience and body situation, the specific choice of what size does not just choose the largest. The largest is not necessarily the most appropriate. Too large may lead to insertion is not smooth, can not be full of experience to the feeling of horse hanging. Choosing the right size is the most important.

Waist: refers to the width or girth. It is recommended not to be too broad. The size of the ordinary dildo is generally not very wide. If you are used to the standard dildo, the horse dildo will generally be wider. Three inches in circumference for beginners is already the entry model. As you gain experience, you can choose a larger circumference.

How to use a horse dildo

Be sure to make sure the horse dildo is clean before using it. The first time you use a horse dildo, you need to disinfect it with a disinfectant and then use it. After disinfecting it, please put it in a ventilated and dry place to dry and then rinse it again with water. You don’t need to be so troublesome the second time you use it. You can use water to rinse it.

After use, make sure to put it in a dry and cool place to prevent the silicone from being damaged due to environmental changes.

Since horse dildos are more significant than ordinary dildos, the lubricant becomes extra essential when you use it. If you use it for the first time, make sure you use enough oil to avoid hurting your body.

You can use it to masturbate or flirt with your partner. But be careful not to risk cross infection. If two people use it simultaneously, it is best to have two horse dildos or clean them before you give them to your partner.

How to make a horse dildo?

If are you curious about how to make a horse dildo? We have a professional tutorial to guide you.