Double-Ended Dildos

Sex toys are exciting and fun to use and can take sex up a few levels, from dildos to vibrators, there are so many styles to choose from that beginners feel confused, first choose which one? if you want to try something new then a double-headed dildo is a great choice, a good dildo can bring orgasm after orgasm. A double-headed dildo is one option, and it can be used alone or with your partner.

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Different kinds of dildos

Even though the double-headed dildo is an upgraded version of the regular dildo, it hasn’t gotten too complicated. Still, it comes in many different varieties, some for use on your own, some with your partner, some for homosexuals, and some for bisexuals, and some with vibrators.

Standard double-ended dildo

Standard double-headed dildos are the most common type on the market. They are a long shape with a smooth, straight surface, and because of their straight shape and size, they are the ideal toy to use when having double sex with a partner.

It provides an accurate penetration depth and gives you an orgasmic experience every time you have sex. The marked double-ended dildos are similar to real penises, so they have won the favor of lesbians, and the non-metallic qualities have an erotic effect. In addition to smooth double-headed dildos, there are also dildos with realistic textures that are very similar to the texture of the human penis and provide excellent stimulation for the vaginal walls and prostate.

U-shaped double-headed dildo

As the name suggests, the U-shaped dildo is shaped like the letter U. This is a dildo that can be inserted into the vagina and anus simultaneously, and when the anus is filled, pumping the vagina will better stimulate the G-spot. These U-shaped dildos are softer materials, so they can be bent to any angle you like, and they are great for Solo use.

Some very flexible dildos are not necessarily U-shaped but have the same function as a U-shaped dildo. When used with a partner, one section can be inserted into your vagina and the other into your partner’s vagina, allowing for stimulation on both sides and mutual thrusting, allowing both people to enjoy the excitement of sexual bliss at the same time.

Different materials, textures, and sizes create different U-shaped dildos, some smooth and some with textures.

Strap-on Double-Sided Dildos

Strap-on double-headed dildos are often found in lesbian couples. They are attached at one end to a strapped bondage strap, worn by one of the partners, and worn with the insertion of a dildo head. The other end of the dildo is then inserted into the partner’s vagina.

Then one side of the bondage belt’s body keeps swinging. The bondage belt will also follow the constant swing, so the dildo will also swing back and forth, so one side of the bondage belt can keep pumping the other side so that in lesbianism, the dildo can replace the male penis and play the role of stimulating orgasm.

Strapless double-headed dildo

The strapless double-ended dildo is the counterpart of the strapped one, which is a free dildo itself, but without straps, and then has two ends, one long and one short, with the short end inserted into one’s body, such as into the vagina, and then held in place by one’s vaginal muscles. Then the other end is inserted into the partner’s vagina.

This time you can keep thrusting to stimulate your partner. But if you buy the wrong model and the shorter end can’t be fixed in your own body, this dildo will not perform well.

Realistic double-headed dildo

Compared to a regular double-headed dildo, a realistic double-headed dildo is designed to be more like a real penis, with similar textures, veins, colors, and skin as a real dildo. There are also different colors to suit different penis colors, and this variant comes straight and U-shaped.

Vibrating double-headed dildos

The addition of vibration to the double-headed dildo adds more color to sex than the traditional double-headed dildo, which would allow for a combination of automatic and manual, relieving the double-headed or buttocks of the power.

This is when both partners can lie flat on their backs, with their upper bodies stroking each other, without moving their lower bodies, as the vibrations liberate the strength. Meaning you can get the heavenly version of pleasure with your lover.

You can find different types of vibrating dildos, whether U-shaped or strapped, which may have a vibrating function, as well as different sizes, materials, colors, etc.

Materials for double-ended dildos

Dildos can be made using different materials, with different advantages and disadvantages, so learn about them and find the best dildo for you.


Metal is not flexible, but because it is not flexible, it is rigid and cannot be bent. It is very easy to heat or cool down, so it is very suitable for those who want to play with temperature, and it is not easily damaged. Even if it falls to the ground, it may be unharmed.

Metal can be disinfected with a simple disinfectant or cleaned with water.


Silicone is a very common material for making sex toys. Silicone, a non-porous material, does not easily gather bacteria and has hypoallergenic properties, so after contact with human skin, it generally does not cause allergic reactions and does not change the PH value of the vagina. Silicone is soft, so it can be bent into anything you want, so if you want a flexible dildo, then silicone material is a good choice.

Silicone is also very easy to clean; use a special sex toy cleaner or use warm water to clean it, and don’t put it in the dishwasher.


Plastic or ABS material dildos are also very popular; they are generally hard, but not as hard as metal, soft and inflexible as silicone, lacking flexibility, but are easy to save so that the price will be cheaper.

The cleaning method is similar to silicone dildos, you can use water or soap and water to clean.


Rubber is not a very good material for making sex toys; it does not have natural flexibility but is also easy to induce phthalates, which is a toxic salt that can cause allergic reactions after contact with human skin, so you buy double-headed dildos, avoid buying products made of rubber material, after too many uses, it will become porous, easy to gather bacteria, not easy to clean low off.

The rubber material is best for special sex toy cleaners, with a better disinfection effect.


Glass is a very beautiful material. It is transparent, shiny, made into a dildo, will be particularly attractive, it is easy to evoke the desire of the heart, and its cold feeling, when inserted, will have a cool feeling, which is the rest of all materials can not bring the feeling, and glass is non-porous, sterile, as long as maintenance, then the use of time will be very long. It makes a dildo that is a good toy to use as a flirt.

The glass is easy to clean and can also be put in the dishwasher for cleaning or use water to clean it.

Factors to consider before buying

Flexibility: It needs to be somewhat flexible, as it needs to be used with a partner, then it needs to be discussed with your partner if you want to try some new positions, and then how much flexibility is needed to help you venture out?

Size: Size is very important, especially girth, especially when you first start using it; a smaller, flexible dildo might be a good choice; only after you are flexible and skilled would it be wise to go for a huge double-headed dildo.

Shape: Different shapes are suitable for different partners; if you are gay, a strappy or strapless double-headed dildo is suitable; if you use it yourself, then a U-shaped dildo is suitable.

Material: According to the properties of the different materials described above, pick out a material that you are satisfied with; for example, if you need a cold feeling, then glass is the best choice; if you need a soft material, then silicone is a good choice.

Using a double-headed dildo will give you and your partner great pleasure; you can enjoy each other’s lust and orgasm, but also your partner will enjoy the experience of orgasm; as for how to use the double-headed dildo, you can use it in any way that suits you, you can use the up and down way, 69 way, or partner lying down, you squatting, etc. The final double penetration and stimulation will lead to intense orgasms.

Pros and Cons

Pros: You can stimulate both the anus and the vagina, and you can use it with your partner to stimulate both sensitive areas at the same time

Cons: Since each end can be inserted inside yourself, there is a higher chance of cross-contamination.