G-Spot Dildos

Do you know all the sensitive parts of your body? One of those areas that you definitely can’t miss is the G-spot area. In layman’s terms, if there is no G-spot stimulation, there will be no vaginal orgasm. Suppose you want to experience an explosive orgasm. In that case, it’s a good idea to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot, which is a spongy body of the urethra that rests against the front wall of the vagina, about 4 to 7 cm after entering the vagina. The G-spot dildo is specially designed to stimulate the G-spot, so you can find it more quickly and experience vaginal orgasms.

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What is a G-spot dildo?

The G-spot dildo is a penis-like vibrator that creates intense sexual stimulation for women, unlike a regular dildo, which is not very different in appearance.

Since each woman’s body structure is slightly different, the degree of penetration of the vibrator is different for each person, and the G-spot dildo is not as long as a regular dildo.

A critical feature of most G-spot dildos is the curvature, sometimes a spherical head, sometimes a head with a tongue, and their purpose is to accurately and consistently stimulate the G-spot.

Construction of the G-spot dildo

G-spot dildos come in different materials, shapes, sizes, etc. So what are they made of?

Material: good G-spot dildo material is some for the soft skin material, not only waterproof but also very comfortable, such as some silicone, ABS plastic, rubber, metal materials, etc.

The worst is the jelly material. Try to avoid using.

Size: G-spot dildos are generally small in size, not as long as ordinary dildos, but there are different lengths of dildos available for you to choose from, from finger size to horse penis size. So no matter how you want to satisfy your desires, you can find the dildo to your liking.

Motor: The vibrating dildo is due to a built-in engine. Different vibrating ways will bring different experiences, and other frequencies further understand orgasm. Many G-spot dildos will be specially designed to cater to the stimulation of the G-spot.

Shape: Some G-spot dildos look like rabbits, some look like a curved finger, others look like a penis, and others have a wavy appearance.

How to choose the right G-spot dildo for you?

The first step is to choose a safe material. What is the best vibrator material? Of course, it is silicone, non-porous, not easy to breed bacteria, soft, easy to clean, and safe for the body.

But some ABS plastic, metal, and glass class is also safe.

There is also the budget. Some G-spot vibrators are only used to stimulate the G-spot. A single function means that the price is lower. For the complex procedure, stimulate the G-spot while also stimulating the clitoris. The price will be high, the complexity of the function means that the circuit design is complex, the use of materials will also become more, and the factory production time will also become longer.

How to use the G-spot dildo better?

You can use the G-spot dildo not only by itself but also with a partner. Regular use can also extend the life of the vibrator and maintain the best results.

Using the G-spot dildo alone

When used alone, you can create an atmosphere for yourself, take a hot bath, dream about your dream girl, and watch pornographic movies to get yourself excited gradually. The G-spot will get more significant when you are excited and can create a larger stimulable area for you.

Or you can use the G-spot vibrator to stimulate the rest of the body’s sensitive parts, such as the clitoris, breasts, neck, etc. Please wait until you are excited. Then, you can insert the G-spot dildo, but remember to apply some lubricant before inserting it.

Bend the upturned end of the vibrator towards your vaginal wall so it will be easier to hit the G-spot. Your G-spot area is not very large, so you need to use different thrusts and pressures to keep trying, and when the best position is found, you can increase the frequency of the vibrator and experience the orgasm.

Using a G-spot vibrator with your partner

Whether your partner is a woman or a man, the G-spot vibrator is a great prop to enhance the relationship between partners. It is used in the same way as when used alone, except that this time the person operating it can be the partner, not yourself, and you can release your hands and lie quietly and enjoy the good moments. Your excitement will also drive your partner’s excitement.

When used with a male partner, you can use the G-spot vibrator to stimulate the G-spot and the male penis to stimulate the clitoris, this time. You can massage two sensitive parts simultaneously and experience the feeling of a double orgasm.

Using a vibrator during sex with a partner helps improve the relationship between the two parties.

Safety Code

All sex toys need to be safe before use, so make sure they are clean. If it is a silicone dildo, wash it with warm water or use a disinfectant before use.

Sex toys are used by yourself and your partner, so if it is not clean, they may spread diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Usually, it can bring intense orgasms and stimulate the G-spot more easily. They generally have a curved arc that is more likely to stimulate the G-spot.

Some professionals believe that G-spot dildos may damage the G-spot if used for a long time, making it less sensitive and may also cause vaginal numbness. However, these are temporary and will recover after stopping use for a while.