Metal Dildos

The shocking design of metal dildos is perfect for solo or couples to enhance their sex life.

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מציג את כל 3 התוצאות

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What is a metal dildo?

A metal dildo is a dildo that is made using metal, commonly made of stainless steel. It can be used as an alternative to the penis. Dildos made of metal are brutal and cold, and because of their particular material, they can be frozen or heated for temperature play. It can be used not only by women but also by men.

Stainless steel or aluminum is perfect for making metal dildos, which are very reliable in a couple’s masturbation and foreplay. If you are looking for intense sexual stimulation, metal dildos are a very suitable choice. Metal dildos are often used for BDSM sexual activities because of the tip’s material and design.

Critical features of metal dildos

Depending on the size and shape, there are different types of stainless steel metal dildos, containing two main categories.

Giant metal dildos: Generally ranging from about 5 to 8 inches and even more than 13 inches, huge metal dildos are usually used for vaginal and anal stimulation.

Small metal dildos: Small ones are generally around 3 to 6 inches to dildos, which are perfect for beginners with no sexual experience and people with particularly tight vaginas. There are also small anal plugs, usually made smaller because of the tight anus and narrow passages.

How to choose the right metal dildo?

You can refer to more user reviews and shop for famous brands, preferably from stores that have been operating for a long time.

For beginners, it is generally recommended to choose a smaller size metal dildo. For new designs that have just come out, it is also recommended to start small.

Learn the difference between stainless steel and aluminum dildos. Good stainless steel will not rust. Some stainless steel is ordinary iron inside, the exterior is plated with a layer of stainless steel, and the interior may rust if there is a crack. But the dildo made of aluminum material will not have rust problems. Even if it has cracks, aluminum will not rust. But the same size dildo, stainless steel, is much heavier than aluminum. If you pursue the texture brought by the weight of the metal, then stainless steel is better than aluminum.

How to choose the right size?

Starting with a smaller size is recommended if you are a beginner in sex. Suppose you already have a lot of experience, such as having experience with realistic dildos and experience with bad dragon dildos. In that case, the size of the metal dildo can refer to the size of the rest of the dildos.

If your desires are more potent, you can skip the smaller sizes and start with the medium. But when pleasuring yourself, if you feel pain, then be sure to stop using it.

When you use a small dildo regularly, you can gradually shop for a giant dildo as you gain experience.

How to use a metal dildo?

First, clean the metal dildo and clean the vagina or anus. When using it, pay attention to applying a certain amount of lubricant. A metal dildo is like the rest of the dildo, it acts on the vagina or anus, but the metal dildo is more rigid.

So when using a metal dildo, you need to insert it slowly and slow down or pull it out if you feel uncomfortable. Then slowly find your comfortable point and decide how long you need to insert it according to your wishes.


Keep the metal dildo clean, away from wet locations, and away from exposure to the sun. Otherwise, It may damage the shape of the metal dildo.